Nihilism, Optimism, And Everything In Between

August 8, 2007

Of Dreams And Reality

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For what is a Dream, and what is Reality?

One must not ask the latter question, since it is beyond the scope of our little Souls. But one can, and must, ask the question of what a Dream is in opposition to what we ever so loosely call Reality. How know we that this is a Dream? And that this is Reality? For in the Dream, doth not Things appear real?

Our Uncle Schopenhauer hath answered this thus: that the Fact of our Wakening proveth to us that that which was was a Dream. And that is not clear.

It is one’s Pleasure to introduce a new Definition: it is in Reality, and only in Reality, that we apprehend People who ask the same Question: Is this real? (We must note in Passing that when we are liberated, we shall see what was real and what was not.)

If you understand not, fear not: you are amongst the Majority.


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