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June 10, 2007

Swine, Or “Why I haven’t blogged yet”

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So why so many years between that Web site and this blog? It’s because I don’t like the general public (that may or may not include you) to comment on what I say. I know (not believe) that I know more than most folks do, about a lot of things, the things that matter. Like love, like death, like sleep. To put up all my thoughts for appraisal, as it were, would be casting pearls before swine. Yes, a lot amongst you are swine. A lot amongst you are not swine, too. You’re too democratic for me. You decide whether you are swine: if you are, you won’t admit it, and I don’t care; if you’re not, you know you’re not, and I do care, though you won’t bother telling me about it. If you’re not swine, I respect you. Drop me a line.

“Keep your company amongst the elite,” Goethe said. That is what I intend to do.The pig


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