Nihilism, Optimism, And Everything In Between

September 9, 2007

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Here is something I wrote in the Year of our Lord 2000.

Music after a long time: Late Night, September 24th 2000
Razumovsky No. 1

All works of art are microcosms of all of experience, in a formal way. But there are some that “really” are, and some that are not, in a way that we can and do know only by asking ourselves. For a single work of art to be so is rare, but several bodies of works claim this stature.
Experience pours in from all sides, befuddling motivation and orientation, if they were there. Some are unaware of purpose at all; some are taken in the flood of experience; and the few that are not, are left searching for direction – either perceived as “original” direction, or not, but with the only source being the same experience that befuddles.
What the great composers have done is each to give us a suitable distillation of experience, seen from their eyes, but experience, in the end, is common. When we say “suitable distillation”, we do not accept to “take it through another’s eyes”, but rather, we agree that experience is, indeed, common, and we merely consent to be guided. The microcosm is large enough: we do not need to insist on unravelling the whole, which our Masters seem to have done for us.
So have they unravelled the Whole? The answer of course is No; and in that contradiction lies the mystique of the creative act, too.

So, our Masters have suitably distilled Experience so that we may be less overwhelmed; Beethoven, most of all.
That this is what they have done becomes clear on some occassions, one of which is op. 59 no. 1. There are moments during this Master Composition that one is tricked into believing that it is already over; that we are finished with Experience. So rich is this, that one gazes through it all, and feels that one has glimpsed the end. So compelling is the illusion that one comes away from it into – into what? Into a parody of it!


The Appassionata

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This be a Piece of Writing from the 24th Day of June in the Year of our Lord 2000.

No, no, there is now no question about it. There is nothing in the universe greater than the Appassionata. There is nothing more beautiful, splendid, masculine, magnificent, human, powerful, moving, terrible, furious, awesome, glorious, perfect, ….. nothing more INFINITE than the Appassionata. The Appassionata is more than the entire rest of the known Universe combined.
Billions upon billions of years from now, and more years from now than a mind can imagine, this universe, these three worlds of heaven, earth and hell, this entire realm in conception, will be known, revered and remembered as that one which gave birth to Ludwig van Beethoven, who created the Appasssionata.

July 30, 2007

Why should I worry: mine Master hath done it all!

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The Master said: “Music should bering Tears to the eyes of Woman and strike Fire in the Heart of Man.”

Someone said: “If Man’s Fate is to suffer in an unfreindly Universe, Beethoven’s Music actuates the Spirit to endure and even exult in the Endurance.”

If movements like Op. 59 Nr. 2 exist in this Universe, Fire or Tears, we have no cause for Worry. This Life of ours is charmed, naturally.

July 23, 2007

I wept: I am sorry

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This Body has been ill for a While now, and has been incapable of effective Action. But this Mind, infused by the Master’s own soul? Why, it has been ill, too! And along this way, a human Friend said, be strong; be, indeed, strong-willed; recover, for the infusion of Drugs into the Body for bodily Wellness is a Trip even as the smoking of Hashish is a Trip for the Hashish-smoker.

And then I wept, for did not my Uncle Goethe say, “Weinender Männer sind gut”? That “Men who cry are good”? I wept for my own Soul, and declared, “Lord and Master, I have not lived up to the Standards of Strength  you demand of those who accept You as their Saviour. I shall heal, nay, I shall work as normal and heal, even as You healed and wrote the Heiliger Dankgesang.” And Strength became paramount.

Master, being free now in the year of Christ  2007, being as free to weep upon the Human Condition as you were in the opening Movement, please look upon me, please raise me. For my part, I shall fight wie ein Held zum Siegen!!

June 9, 2007

In The Beginning

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In the Beginning was op. 131. For the poor Souls who don’t know what that is, it is Beethoven’s String Quartet in C# minor, opus 131.

Why “In the beginning”? Because the Quartet opens with a Vision of the Heavens, the surreal, totally faithful mystic Vision. Beethoven’s op. 131 is Mankind’s greatest Achievement thus far. Hence “” I shall begin writing Posts on this Blog with the best possible beginning. I have seen; I wish to share. I have suffered; I wish to tell. I can see further.

Music is the only thing that bridges the Spiritual and the Earthly – it is not to be disrespected. As Music goes to the Dogs with rap and hip-hop and all such things, we go to the Dogs ourselves. ‘Tis time we re-inherited the World’s great European Heritage.

Beethoven is God’s Messenger, not Jesus as is commonly believed.

I shall not belabour the Beethoven point, and shall refer to The Master only occasionally. “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.”

Goethe said, “Rejoice, supreme Creature of nature, in your ability to re-think her supreme Thought, the highest to which in her Creativity she has risen.” That is powerful.

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