Nihilism, Optimism, And Everything In Between

July 30, 2007

At Dawn

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What noble Soul has said, “The thinking Man sleepeth at Dawn”?
Yes, for the Night has not only Charms, it affords Thinkability for those who have something to think about.
I do declare now, my occupations are Thinker, Philosopher, and Overseer: all is clear except perhaps “Overseer,” which one shall leave as an Enigma.  Thinker


Why should I worry: mine Master hath done it all!

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The Master said: “Music should bering Tears to the eyes of Woman and strike Fire in the Heart of Man.”

Someone said: “If Man’s Fate is to suffer in an unfreindly Universe, Beethoven’s Music actuates the Spirit to endure and even exult in the Endurance.”

If movements like Op. 59 Nr. 2 exist in this Universe, Fire or Tears, we have no cause for Worry. This Life of ours is charmed, naturally.

July 23, 2007

I wept: I am sorry

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This Body has been ill for a While now, and has been incapable of effective Action. But this Mind, infused by the Master’s own soul? Why, it has been ill, too! And along this way, a human Friend said, be strong; be, indeed, strong-willed; recover, for the infusion of Drugs into the Body for bodily Wellness is a Trip even as the smoking of Hashish is a Trip for the Hashish-smoker.

And then I wept, for did not my Uncle Goethe say, “Weinender Männer sind gut”? That “Men who cry are good”? I wept for my own Soul, and declared, “Lord and Master, I have not lived up to the Standards of Strength  you demand of those who accept You as their Saviour. I shall heal, nay, I shall work as normal and heal, even as You healed and wrote the Heiliger Dankgesang.” And Strength became paramount.

Master, being free now in the year of Christ  2007, being as free to weep upon the Human Condition as you were in the opening Movement, please look upon me, please raise me. For my part, I shall fight wie ein Held zum Siegen!!

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