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June 11, 2007

The Media, And The Need For Reprimanding (unrelated)

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“Jen cosies up to a new man.” That’s what the papers said today. Who cares? A lot of people do. And why? Because the papers have been feeding them stuff about “Jen” for a while now.

So the papers are only catering to a demand… which the media itself created. A vicious cycle.

The people behind “Jen cosies up to a new man” are as guilty of horror, of worsening the human condition, as are the people employed by a tobacco company. But who is to reprimand them? “We’re fulfilling a need,” they’ll say.

Do we need someone to reprimand us for everything wrong we do? Aren’t our consciences enough?

No. The common public needs to be told what is right and what is wrong. And that’s where the philosopher as king comes in: when the philosopher is king, the kingdom will be in order, with the slaves in their place and the middle class in its place. The worthy shall be invited by the king to lunch, which will create more philosopher-kings.


June 10, 2007

Swine, Or “Why I haven’t blogged yet”

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So why so many years between that Web site and this blog? It’s because I don’t like the general public (that may or may not include you) to comment on what I say. I know (not believe) that I know more than most folks do, about a lot of things, the things that matter. Like love, like death, like sleep. To put up all my thoughts for appraisal, as it were, would be casting pearls before swine. Yes, a lot amongst you are swine. A lot amongst you are not swine, too. You’re too democratic for me. You decide whether you are swine: if you are, you won’t admit it, and I don’t care; if you’re not, you know you’re not, and I do care, though you won’t bother telling me about it. If you’re not swine, I respect you. Drop me a line.

“Keep your company amongst the elite,” Goethe said. That is what I intend to do.The pig

June 9, 2007

In The Beginning

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In the Beginning was op. 131. For the poor Souls who don’t know what that is, it is Beethoven’s String Quartet in C# minor, opus 131.

Why “In the beginning”? Because the Quartet opens with a Vision of the Heavens, the surreal, totally faithful mystic Vision. Beethoven’s op. 131 is Mankind’s greatest Achievement thus far. Hence “” I shall begin writing Posts on this Blog with the best possible beginning. I have seen; I wish to share. I have suffered; I wish to tell. I can see further.

Music is the only thing that bridges the Spiritual and the Earthly – it is not to be disrespected. As Music goes to the Dogs with rap and hip-hop and all such things, we go to the Dogs ourselves. ‘Tis time we re-inherited the World’s great European Heritage.

Beethoven is God’s Messenger, not Jesus as is commonly believed.

I shall not belabour the Beethoven point, and shall refer to The Master only occasionally. “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.”

Goethe said, “Rejoice, supreme Creature of nature, in your ability to re-think her supreme Thought, the highest to which in her Creativity she has risen.” That is powerful.

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